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İnci Makina is a company established in 2001. İnci has 21 years of experience in transformer tanks, pressure tanks, steel components, copper and aluminum parts and provides quality service to its global customers.

İnci Makina operates in its 8.000 m2 factory and 7000 m2 closed area. Lean manufacturing is the key to increasing productivity and efficiency in their business.

İnci Makina serves the transformer industry and produces flat-walled power transformer tanks and tank accessories, Core clamp frames and copper & aluminum products with its qualified staff.

Vizyon & Misyon


"We are proud of being a company that is always preferred by providing the best conditions to our customers in the competitive environment of the sector in which we operate, by ensuring the continuity of our quality in line with technological developments."


"To be a reliable business partner by responding to the needs and demands of our customers in the most accurate and fastest way, by producing high standard, quality products by adhering to customer demands and international standards."

 Kalite, Çevre ve İSG Politikası 

It has adopted branding by producing products suitable for customer requirements, protecting the environment, and working in a safe and healthy work environment as a company culture and policy, always keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront.

In this respect;

  • He takes every precaution.

  • Provides resources.

  • It carries out the necessary actions and activities by taking the national, international and world standards and legal conditions and relevant legislation as its guide.

  • It is ensured that occupational accidents are reduced and occupational diseases are protected.

  • By keeping wastes and natural resources under control, causing environmental accidents is prevented.

  • It is prevented from causing environmental accidents by being prepared in emergency situations and keeping their effects under control.

  • It takes all necessary measures to be prepared for emergencies and to minimize their effects.

  • By training our employees, it is aimed to make the awareness of Quality, Environment and Occupational health and safety a way of life.

  • It aims to prevent waste by keeping the use of exhaustible natural resources under control.

  • It is aimed to prevent environmental pollution by collecting waste separately and eliminating it in a controlled manner and producing as little as possible.

  • It adopts to update and continuously improve the objectives related to Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety.

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